Top 5 Tips to Prepare for Your Move

Moving is not easy. We do not necessarily know how to do it, where to start and we find ourselves quickly overwhelmed in the middle of the boxes. In this period of moving, this is a summary of the 5 most important tasks to perform to optimize the preparation of your move.

#1: Contact moving companies to request several quotes

Start your search for movers two to three months before the date you have set for your move. This delay allows moving companies to plan their agenda in advance, to set up if necessary, an organized or grouped trip and so you can get cheaper rates.  

#2: Get moving cartons and start cardboard packing

Once you have signed with a moving company, it can put at your disposal the boxes and packaging you need. The number of moving boxes required will usually have been estimated in advance by the moving expert who will have made your estimate. As soon as you get the boxes, start filling them with the goods you use little, so as not to be overloaded shortly before the move.

#3: Make your address changes and transfer or terminate your contract

At one month from the deadline, make your change of address with the administrations which have your current address (CAF, CPAM, bank, etc.). If you think you have forgotten some organizations, you can also ask to forward your mail. 
Remember also to transfer or cancel your various contracts (electricity, gas, water, internet, home insurance) so as not to continue to pay for a home in which you do not live, and to enjoy it from the day of your move.

#4: Check the parking authorization

15 days before the move, make sure that the parking permit for the moving truck is taken into account by the competent authorities. This authorization must be requested no later than 15 days before the move. If you move with a professional like Déménagement Swiftway, they take care of it in general.

#5: Finalize your cards and pick up what’s on the wall

On the 8 days before your move, it’s time to finish your cards. Pack everything you do not need on D-Day. For example, you must leave your household utensils, which will be used to clean the house after the movers leave.

If you still have items on the wall (tables, shelves, curtain rods, etc.), unhook them from the wall – this action is not supported by the movers – and put in cardboard what can be.