The Five R’s To Achieve A Green And Clutter-Free Life

Adapting to a different lifestyle can be a challenging yet rewarding change, especially if the goal is to live a greener and clutter-free life. But going through this process, like with others, requires a lot of commitment and the perseverance to succeed.

When it comes to living green and clutter-free, there’s the usual concept of the three Rs. Trying to reduce, reuse, and recycle your items are top tricks to achieve minimal waste. But, did you know that two other Rs will improve your journey towards and greener and cleaner lifestyle? Repairing and refusing certain items can have a huge impact on your life and the environment especially when combined with the highly effective three Rs.

Want to learn more? Here are the five Rs that will help you enjoy a green and clutter-free life.

  1. Reduce: Donate Or Throw Away

One of the main reasons that hold back a lot of people from living a minimalistic lifestyle is the number of various items they own. And since practicing minimalism is greatly similar to being environmentally conscious, limiting the number of things you own will consequently affect the waste you produce. For starters, you can sort through all your belongings and focus on what you need and use. If an item does not fall on that category and it is still in working condition, you can donate it to a local organization. If it does not serve a purpose anymore, choose to throw it away. You can get expert waste collection Sydney from Extra Cheap Rubbish Removal to handle the items you no longer needor if you’re not in the area you can just call the nearest rubbish removal in your place.

  1. Reuse: Think Twice Before Buying

Before you go out shopping, make sure to think twice if there is a similar item lying around your house that you choose not to use. Making regular trips to the grocery store or the mall means you’ll end up purchasing more clutter than you need. From linens to mats, unless you only have one, there is no point in buying because you like the design or color. If it’s an item you need and doesn’t already own, consider borrowing it first before you buy.

  1. Recycle: DIY Or Pro

There are lots of tricks when it comes to recycling, and it’s important that you learn about materials that are okay to recycle and materials that you’d better handoff to the experts. What you can do is go online and do some research about recycling certain materials and ideas on how to do them. If you are not much of a DIY person, you can also let an expert handle it. Most rubbish removal services offer recycling services,and you can also find local recycling centers near you. You can either ask them to pick up your materials or drop them off yourself. You can visit to learn moreor you can do your own research online.

  1. Repair: Opt To Fix

If you’re planning to shop due to a broken item, consider fixing it first. You’ll be surprised at how a simple trick and a few household trinkets can save you from wasting money on a brand new one. If it’s something you can’t fix yourself, find someone else who can. Unless the trouble and cost of fixing it are a lot more than the cost of purchasing a new one, stick to repairing it instead.

  1. Refuse: Learn To Say No

A common reason why people end up with various junk and clutter is that they can’t or afraid to say no. Whether it’s a pass-me-down from a family member or a freebie from a store, choose to say no from items you know you’ll never use.

Final Word

Once you practice the Five Rs method, you will find yourself in a place that’s more clean, simple, and environmentally healthy. Make sure to commit to your decision to live a green and clutter-free life also to avoid the waste you produce.