Improving Your Outdoor Living Space: 5 Landscaping Upgrades to Consider

Undertaking landscaping projects is the best way to enhance your home’s appearance and functionality. But if you are planning to upgrade the property, you should be meticulous when choosing lawn care and landscaping installations.

You have to opt for upgrades that are appealing to potential buyers as well should you wish to sell your property in the future. Besides, most property investors will judge your property from outside before even thinking of exploring the indoors.

Fortunately, experts in landscaping in Loveland, OH can help create a look for your outdoor space that would make an excellent first impression on people outside. They can even provide you with tips for keeping your home great-looking, valuable, and secure.

Here are five landscaping upgrades you should consider pursuing because they enhance a home’s aesthetic appeal and they make good financial sense.

1. Outdoor lighting

Lighting is one of the most prominent landscaping features in a home. It can significantly increase your home’s value and security. Take note that if your home is well-lit, intruders will be discouraged to even try entering your home because they can easily be seen and captured.

When installing outdoor lighting, you have to highlight your front yard. Also, outline pathways to maximize safety, especially when you or any family member arrives home late at night. Create a dramatic look by adding lights near your plants and trees.

Another important thing to consider is the color of the lights. For instance, choose soft lighting so it will not look harsh at night.

2. More trees and plants

Planting shrubs, blooms, and trees is a natural way of improving your property’s appearance and value. Most importantly, they are beneficial for the environment, increasing oxygen levels while reducing carbon dioxide levels. Furthermore, trees can provide shade to your home and yard so your children and pets can spend more play time outdoors.

3. Water features

Water features can either increase or decrease your home’s value. A swimming pool, for instance, can boost your outdoor living space if it is well-maintained. But if you will not be using it often for any reason, it could end up more becoming more of an expense than a benefit. So before thinking of adding a swimming pool in your yard, ask yourself if you and your family will be using it frequently and if you are up for the associated maintenance efforts and costs.

Some great alternatives to a pool include water fountains or a pond. Aside from being low-maintenance, these options take up less room in your yard but still provide the refreshing element of water. Also, they can attract wildlife like butterflies and birds, making your yard more eco-friendly and good-looking.

4. Patios and other structures

Like installing water features, adding patios, footpaths and other structures requires meticulous planning to make sure that these won’t take up much of your outdoor space. Take note that adding a patio that replaces most of your yard space can lower your property’s value.

If you have a wide outdoor space, however, adding a patio is a great idea. In fact, you can even build a gazebo where you can add more comfortable seating and greenery.

Furthermore, choose structures that complement your home’s architectural design and your lifestyle.

5. Rain Garden

Having a garden can also improve your property’s curb appeal. Today, rain gardens are growing in popularity because they are eco-friendly, diverting water away from your hardscape elements and house and bringing it to the trees, plants and other areas requiring it. Make sure though to opt for native plants since they are well-adapted to the type of soil you have and the local climate conditions.

As you can see, there are several ways to boost the beauty, functionality, and safety of your outdoor living space. Having said that, hiring landscaping specialists is your best option for achieving the results you want. Professionals in landscaping in Lebanon, OH can  even help you choose which upgrades work best for you and your family so you can avoid any costly mistakes, from planning to execution. After all, a landscaping upgrade that will add the most appeal, value, and functionality to your home is one that appears professionally installed and maintained.

So don’t hesitate to seek help from landscaping experts whenever you decide to make modifications in your outdoor space.