Always check these features before selecting an office chair!

People spend extended hours sitting in their office chairs, and it is not surprising that most office-goers have back and neck issues, which is also because of their sedentary lifestyle. An ergonomic office chair is not a fix for these problems, but with back support and adjustable features, you can have a better time at your workplace without being bothered about back pain at the end of the day. What features should you check before selecting office chairs from Here’s your guide!

Lumbar support is critical

Most of us don’t tend to sit upright while working on the desk, which is why we have lower back problems. The back of the chair should contour to the shape of our back, and that’s what lumbar support is all about. The backrest of your chair is the most important aspect that matters, and besides finding a product that designed for adequate lumbar support, it also important to check if the chair has an adjustable backrest. Anyone who is using the chair should be able to move back and forth without applying a lot of force.

A comfortable seat also matters

You want to rest your body on a comfortable seat, which should allow enough support to maintain the sitting position. Make sure that the seat is well-cushioned, and what also matters is the upholstery. Leather is a great material for durability, but some of the new age fabrics are great for keeping moisture at bay. The seat height should be adjustable, as well, so that many people can use the same chair for different shifts as and when required. Keep in mind that office chairs are always used extensively, so you need something that works for most people.

Other aspects that matter

It is also critical that you check the overall base and design of the chair. Office chairs are often abused by users, so the product needs to be durable. Having a wheel base is not a choice anymore, but make sure that you have five-wheel for each chair for the maximum support. The armrests of the chair should be adjustable for height, mainly because people need different levels of support while typing.

Finally, do buy your office chairs from an online store that can be relied on, simply because these stores have better offers and discounts, thanks to the nature of operations who minimizes overheads. Get in bulk for better offers and discounts.